For more than thirty years our production teams have worked with experts in science and industry to bring their special knowledge and unique ideas to both lay and professional audiences.  From the Aleutians to Afghanistan, from Tulsa to Tanzania, we tell the story behind the knowledge. 

International broadcasts with PBS, Discovery Channel, the BBC, National Geographic, Reuters, CBC, and more. From more than a hundred segments about environmental issues for the Minnesota Environmental Fund to traditional medicine in Africa, we continue to set the standard for informational programs for industry, government, and education.  And working with our distributor Films for the Humanities and Sciences, we assure those programs get maximum exposure.

Three Emmies, a Peabody Award, a Silver Angel from the Instructional Television Association, and two Golden Eagles from the Center for International Non-theatrical Events, featured screenings at the Margaret Meade Film Festival, and more.  And we’ve been honored with support from the John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation, Sundance Film Institute, Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation, the McKnight Foundation and others for award-winning programs in development, environment, and human rights.  

If your interest is commercial broadcast, instruction for industry or education, or if you are a non-profit with an idea that needs to reach the greater world, I will work with you to move beyond just images to deliver a presentation that reflects your true vision in ways that are authentic, captivating, and accessible.
Afghanistan, CBS News
J. Scott Dodds
A World of Experience
Environmental Journal: 
black bear research

[Minnesota Lottery Environmental Fund, broadcast statewide]
Mystery of Hidden Falls: 
a history of the NE Indian Himalayas

[WIth Asian Geographic Channel, in process]
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Congo, 1983

Philippines, 2014

The experience to take your ideas and expertise to the people who need it.  In film, video, or on the web.
A Headstart on Science:
promoting science education in preschool

[Produced for the US Department of Health and 
Human Services and the National Science Foundation]